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Order Sons of Italy in America
DBA Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America
Fresh Meadows, NY

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.
The order of Sons of Italy in America is the oldest and largest organization of
Italian American men and women in the United States and Canada.

Benvenuti Amici

Welcome to our lodge.

An introduction to the Order Sons of Italy In America.

Our great Order was founded on june 22, 1905, By Dr. Vincent Sellaro and a group of 5 compatriots.
The motto of our order throughout its history has always been "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity". The purpose of our organization is to enroll all eligible persons so that we may successfully promote national education; secure adequate laws for the benefit of our members; encourage the dissemination of Italian culture in the United States and Canada; to organize programs for humanitarian purposes; and to combat discrimination while protecting and upholding the positive image and the prestige of the poeople of Italian heritage in the United States and Canada.

Our Conception of Liberty:

We want a free country as it was conceived by the founders of the Republic. We want freedom of assembly, of Speech, of opportunity - and above all - economic freedom. We want that freedom that uplifts all people and affirms their rights in every field of human endeavor. To assist all people in the proper understanding of those rights and duties to others, there being no right without a corresponding duty, we want schools and institutions of learning to be forever free. We want individual freedom of thought, of conscience, and of religion. We believe that Liberty is the most essential and precious prerogative; that if we give it up in order to obtain temporary safety, we will have neither Liberty nor safety. This is our conception of Liberty.

Our Conception of Equality:

We belive that all people were created equal; that all are equal before the law; that the law should protect all equally and that none should have or enjoy any sprcial privileges. We want to be equal in the exercise of our tights and equal in the fulfillment of our duties so that the benefits of human progress may be achieved and enjoyed by all without distinction as to race, color, creed, caste, or class. This is our conception of Equality.

Our Conception of Fraternity

the structure of the Order is founded upon our conception of Fraternaty and we affectionately offer a hand to all without distinction as to race, color or creed. We console the families of our deceased members. We keep alive the traditions of our ancestors. We believe in brotherhood, and that the state was created to serve its citizens and not vice verssa. This is our conception of Fraternity.

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